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The 200 employees who work in Shenandoah National Park are our most important resource. They are backcountry rangers, educators, law enforcement officers, firefighters, biologists, preservationists, mechanics, technicians, and so much more. They must be well-trained, adaptable, and able to take on 21st century challenges.

Expert in Residence Fund

This fund allows park managers to engage outside experts in natural resource protection, cultural resource preservation, and other park-related goals for short- to mid-term projects. 2020Two projects were accomplished in…

Robert Jacobsen Employee Development Fund

Named for a beloved retired superintendent of Shenandoah National Park, the Robert Jacobsen Employee Development Fund supports park employee participation in leadership and other career-enhancing trainings. “This field of emergency…

Big Meadows Air Quality Monitoring

Many visitors to Shenandoah National Park are unaware of its chronic air quality issues. Particulates and toxins from power plants and other industrial facilities blow into the park and are…

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