Connecting People to the Park – Media Liaison Intern

Stewards of Shenandoah, Stories of Shenandoah

Social media has the power to reach new audiences and create a vibrant community of national park advocates. This seasonal employee will create better and broader engagement among the parks audiences and develop highimpact visual media across a variety of social media platforms to reach new, more diverse audiences. Such outreach will facilitate deeper connections with the public by providing accurate, engaging, and relevant content, as well as sharing important news and events. 

Project Title: Media Liaison Intern

Project Purpose: to increase brand awareness for the Trust, highlight donor impact on Shenandoah, and coordinate messaging between the Trust and the Park

Project Goals:

  • to increase the Park media team’s capacity and highlight the work the Shenandoah National Park Trust does in the Park
  • to increase the number of visitor engagements with the Trust
  • to improve communications between the Park and the Trust so that messaging is coordinated

Project Impact: By hiring an intern that will be dedicated to documenting and emphasizing the work the Trust is doing in Shenandoah, the Park will better be able increase awareness, appreciation, and support for the Trust.

Project Funding: $27,000

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