Monthly Giving

Make a commitment to Shenandoah with $5 or more on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to help us protect, enhance, and preserve the Park in our backyard.

Club 105 members make their annual contribution to the Trust in monthly installments to ensure that Shenandoah has a dependable, ongoing source of funding for key projects.

In addition, these monthly donors are able to give more generously over the course of a year — thereby having a more significant impact on Shenandoah. A monthly gift can add up to make a big impact — $10, $24, or $40 per month becomes $120, $240, or $480 per year!

When you join Club 105, your designated gift will be charged to your credit or debit card each month. It’s easy, convenient, and a greener alternative to mail and stamps. And, of course, you can always cancel or change your monthly donation whenever you choose.

Honoring the 105 miles of Skyline Drive, joining Club 105 is one of the most reliable and efficient ways to donate to the Park you love. Your generosity supports Shenandoah all year, and more of your contribution goes directly to making Shenandoah a better place, for this and future generations. When you join Club 105, you join a group of likeminded individuals whose gifts go further, by saving paper and postage costs by eliminating renewal requests. 

Check out these Shenandoah Shorts to see your impact within the Park! 

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