Asia Anderson (Virginia)

Anderson is a self-taught watercolor painter, whose art includes portraits with elements of nature added. Asia enjoys finding balance between controlling watercolors and letting them do their own thing.  

Armand Cabrero (Virginia)

Cabrero is a painter and media artist. Armand is represented by six art galleries across the country and draws inspiration from the beauty of Central Virginia.

Ann Cheeks (Virginia & Colorado)

Cheeks is a painter who’s passionate about art, using multiple mediums and techniques to represent land and seascapes. Ann leads collaborative public art projects and has had numerous solo exhibits nationwide.

Chris di Domizio (Georgia)

di Domizio is a painter whose art is represented in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Jimmy Carter Library and Musuem, and The Carter House. Chris has led workshops internationally for over 30 years and owns and operates a private art school in Atlanta.  

Malia Furtado (Virginia)

Furtado is a former SNPT Artist-in-Residence, fiddler, music educator, and performing artist. She has been a lifelong park neighbor. 

Ben Greenberg (Virginia)

Greenberg is a photographer working on his second book, which focuses on the importance of national, state, and local natural public lands. Ben’s images are represented in several galleries, and he enjoys teaching classes and workshops.  

Kelli Hertzler (Virginia)

Hertzler is frequently inspired by Shenandoah National Park. She holds a degree in Studio Art and a minor in Biology from James Madison University, two topics that are expressed in nature journaling and her paintings.  

Nancy Hershberger (Pennsylvania)

Hershberger is a fiber artist who finds inspiration in meadows, fields, forest, and riparian areas. Nancy’s art quilts contain ink and paint in addition to fabric, layering the fabric landscape onto batting and backing then stitching layers together, continuing to make quilts like previous generations. 

Sandy Kessler-Kaminski (Pennsylvania)

Kessler-Kaminski is an artist whose work demonstrates the relentless push and pull of humans and the natural world. Sandy’s art combines maps, plans and observations of people’s and animal’s responses to the changing environment.  

LUA Project (Virginia)

Lua is a cultural pollinator, bridging together musical styles from different continents and different centuries Their music is inspired by Mexican Son, Appalachian song forms, Jewish and Eastern European tonalities, baroque melodic ideas, and Scots Irish narrative storytelling approaches. 

Carolina Mayorga (Washington, D.C.)

Mayorga is an interdisciplinary artist who has exhibited her work nationally and internationally for the last 20 years. Carolina’s artwork addresses issues of social content through site-specific community-based projects, and two-dimensional media. 

Kevin Morgan (Virginia)

Morgan is currently filming a documentary about the Shenandoah National Park in partnership with the Shenandoah National Park Trust. Kevin started the SNP52 Hiking Challenge in Shenandoah.  

Ines Sun (New York)

Sun is the current Shenandoah National Park Artist-in-Residence (funded by SNPT). Ines learned calligraphy as a child and found a deep connection in her artistic practice as an adult. She aims to help others find joy and profound peace in this ancient art. She is also an installation artist that has been exhibited internationally.