Artist in Residence

Click on the player to see a time lapse video of Shenandoah National Park Artist in Residence Kevin Adams painting the view from Blackrock Summit. He captured a beautiful day and beautiful view!

National Park Service video

The Hudson River School painters of the mid-1800s were instrumental in the birth of national parks. Until this time, American artists had focused primarily on portraits of people and depictions of historical events. The Hudson River School turned its attention instead to American landscapes, providing the public with its first interpretation of parts of the country most had never seen. Talk of preserving these great places ensued and the national park system was born.

Today art continues to inspire us to protect these great places. It is a wonderful vehicle to connect people to these majestic wonders.

The Trust provided the seed funding to launch Shenandoah National Park’s Artist in Residence program in 2013 and we are proud to continue to fund it annually. Artists live and work in the park for two-week sessions and engage the public in creating art along side them.

Your philanthropy will help sustain this special program in our park.