This fund allows park managers to engage outside experts in natural resource protection, cultural resource preservation, and other park-related goals for short- to mid-term projects.

Two projects were accomplished in FY2020:

  • A presentation was given to our Law Enforcement Rangers about Park Ranger Kris Eggle’s Line-of-Duty Death to help them try and have positive outcomes with dangerous individuals they may encounter in the  future.
  • 150 mammal specimens and 200 birds in our museum collection were tested for hazardous substances: mercuric chloride and arsenic.

Gap Analysis of Ranger Kris Eggle’s Line-of-Duty Death – Lessons can be drawn from every tragic event, and SHEN Rangers heard the sincere message that Bob Eggle presented in a manner that only a grieving father can deliver.  This training opportunity was afforded to 20 SHEN Rangers. Rangers learned the details and circumstances surrounding the events of 09 August 2002 and applied them to some of their own experiences dealing with dangerous individuals, armed or otherwise.  Ranger Kevin Moses, who has heard Bob Eggle’s presentation on several occasions, can personally attest that it’s one that will stay with Rangers for the rest of their careers.  Simply put, Mr. Eggle’s presentation is one of a kind, and it’s unforgettable.

Testing of Natural History Specimens for Heavy Metals – The hazardous substance testing provided the park with pertinent information about the specimens for disposition, storage, and travel. Once the specimens were tested and museum documentation completed, decisions were made as to whether specimens were kept in the park museum collection storage at the park, an outside repository, or deaccessioned (by being transferred to another institution or destroyed because too degraded). Specimens that proved to not be museum property and had no value to another institution, were disposed of using standard NPS property procedures. The completion of this testing was critical to appropriate long-term disposition of these items.

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