Anyone who has worked with or managed interns knows it is an investment of time and resources. But, if the internship is well-structured and the interns are dedicated and capable, it is an important investment to make. Each year, donors like you support 12-week internships in Shenandoah National Park. These young adults come to us from around the country.

They receive training in public speaking, first aid, search and rescue and park operations; and front-line experience as Park Rangers.

Project Title: Shenandoah Internship Program

Project Purpose: to provide the opportunity for a variety of diverse internships throughout the year at Shenandoah National Park.

Project Goals:

  • to develop youth for potential careers in the National Park Service
  • to expand the Park’s capacity to provide improved services
  • to develop youth advocates for our public lands

Project Impact: National trends indicate that fewer students are pursuing careers in natural resources/park management and that youth are becoming increasingly disconnected from the natural world.
Internships offer an excellent way for youth to become engaged with the National Park Service, and to provide them with experience to make them more competitive when applying to NPS jobs. This internship program supports a range of Park and NPS goals by encouraging youth to participate in parks, providing professional development opportunities for students wanting to work in National Parks, and engaging youth in the interpretation of Shenandoah.

Project Funding: $84,210

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