The Barred Owl

October, 2020
Tyler Reber
Our seasons and #Winter itself wouldn’t be complete without a few shots of animals in the snow. It’s hard to choose a favorite season, what with so many opportunities to see interesting things in ALL of them, but I do LOVE snow. My opportunities to photograph wildlife in the park during snow haven’t been too plenty as park staff will often close #SkylineDrive if snowfall gets too intense or conditions are not safe. One day a couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to be in the park at sunrise when snowfall began. This gave me a bit of a head start and I was able to locate a few Barred Owls and some deer that were fairly cooperative for photos. Photographing animals in any sort of “unusual” weather conditions always makes things a bit more interesting and adds some drama to the shot. Additionally, on a different outing last year, I had the amazing fortune of encountering a heavy frost glazed all the grasses and trees in a stunning white. Combined with some of the other remaining #Fall colors, this created incredible photo foregrounds and backgrounds as you’ll see in the final shot of my set.

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